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Look Inside Our Classrooms: Blogs by Arbor’s Teachers

by Becca Fernandez, Lower Elementary Teacher Glance into the woods around Arbor and you may [...]

Freedom and Discipline in the Montessori Classroom

by Cecilia Fernandez, Primary Teacher Freedom and discipline go hand in hand. This statement might [...]

Independence in the Young Child

by Mamatha Chiruvella, Toddler Teacher “The child’s conquest of independence begins with his first introduction [...]

What People Are Saying about Montessori

“Let’s learn from Montessori: …we don’t have to reinvent the wheel…. The example of thousands of Montessori schools is before us. Montessori puts the student at the center. It is proven to work… it’s working on every inhabited continent, at every economic level. The approach is over 100 years old but the ideas are timeless.”

Steven Denning, Forbes Magazine

“I see the thread of Montessori through my children’s life journeys.  They didn’t have to take time off to ‘find themselves.’ They had been discovering who they were since their first day of Primary. Montessori allowed them to flourish”.

Deidre Newfield, Arbor Alumni Parent

“Montessori is a brain-based developmental method that allows children to make creative choices in discovering people, places and knowledge of the world.”

Dr. Steven Hughes, President, American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology
“I do not believe there is a method better than Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Laureate & Former Montessori Student
“I left Arbor with all the right buzz-word qualities in my back pocket: curiosity, independence, open-mindedness, etc. But it was in the times when these qualities were put to the test that I realized how truly prepared to take on the world I was after leaving Arbor.”
Kelly Perry, Arbor Class of 2004

“Our family came to Arbor for our son’s first year in Lower Elementary at age six. Our journey together with the teachers and staff of Arbor over the past seven years has been amazing.  He has thrived in the large classrooms and loved the responsibility that comes along with the independence and project work of the mixed age classrooms, especially in the Upper Elementary grades. He is now in the Adolescent Program and we have seen Ryan blossom into a self-assured, curious, and diligent young man. We consider our investment in authentic Montessori education to be the greatest gift that we could have ever given him. Arbor has been the perfect fit for Ryan and he is amazingly well prepared to go pursue his interests in high school and beyond.”

Derek Eiler, Arbor Parent

“Arbor Adolescent Program (middle school) challenges adolescents to think outside the box, leading them to discover and understand themselves in new ways.  Middle schoolers want and need to have a ‘voice in the conversation and a seat at the table’.  Arbor provides this opportunity through dynamic and purposeful learning.  The AP program meets and accommodates adolescents where they are in their individual growth, while supporting their collective goals.  Transferring to Arbor helped my daughter gain new skills, knowledge, and awareness through the project based work and creative assignments.  She engages and experiences a healthy sense of community and a strong sense of self.  She is encouraged to learn with confidence and is exposed to a wide range of interests and topics.  She is eager to take on new challenges and to define her place in this world.”

Kristin N'dyaie, Arbor Parent

“As parent you often wonder when a good time is to start your little ones’ education, and lucky for us we found Arbor Montessori . The primary class has done so much for our children. We love seeing the pride in their eyes as they tell you about a new lesson they have learned, or how they have helped another child to learn a new lesson. Montessori has ignited their independence, curiosity, kindness, focus, and love of school. In being able to observe the class I have been overjoyed with how smoothly this class runs. The children are engaged and excited. The kindnesses that are exchanged between the children is heartwarming and inspiring. The children are not the only ones learning new lessons; I have received many tools in which to help me better understand how capable these children really are. Absolutely amazing community to be a part of, parents and teachers lifting up our children to reveal the power of the Montessori Method.”

Melly Thrower, Arbor Parent

“Our daughter transferred to Arbor Montessori in the 7th grade.  We worried about the transition.  Would the curriculum be too difficult?  Would the classmates be friendly? How difficult would the adjustment be?   What we learned immediately was that we didn’t need to worry.  Our daughter was warmly welcomed into the classroom by her peers and has made good friends in the classroom.  The curriculum was difficult, rich and challenging, but the Guides offered tremendous support both academically and emotionally.  She has been thoroughly engaged in and achieved success with the rigorous curriculum.  She is an Adolescent who loves school…. What more could you ask for?”

Penny Clements, Arbor Alumni Parent (Class of 2017)