Tasha Posid

“Arbor Montessori is absolutely the reason that I became a researcher! Broadly, I have investigated how we learn about the world around and what factors impact this development. As educators, the goal is for students to appropriately apply what is learned in the... Read More

Krysta Posid – Class of 2005

“I am very thankful for the time I had at Arbor from Primary through Middle School. I believe Arbor helped me develop the foundation from which I’ve been able to set myself up to succeed including, but not limited to, a love for learning, excellent writing... Read More

Miranda Knowles 1994

“Arbor helped to prepare me for high school, college and beyond – I learned to be self-sufficient, organized and collaborative while delving deep into my passions. Arbor is a wonderful place to learn – we didn’t think twice about where to send... Read More

Madison Hafitz – Arbor Class of 2008

“Arbor is the place where I first fell in love with learning. But more than that, it is the environment I credit with shaping me, from a very young age, to become an independent, open-minded and caring individual.” Read More