Arbor Athletics

The athletic program is available for 5th through 8th year students. All students are encouraged to join a team and actively participate regardless of skill level. The students compete against other Atlanta-area independent schools. Arbor’s athletic program is funded through the Annual Fund.

Instead of being purely focused on competitiveness and winning, Arbor athletics places emphasis on life skills such as inclusion, teamwork, mediation, and nutrition. We want our students to be able to enjoy the positive benefits of an athletic experience regardless of their skill level.

Arbor offers cross country, basketball and track and field. The school is launching an ultimate frisbee team in the 2018-19 school year.

For information on the school’s athletic programs contact Arbor’s Athletic Director Michelle Nguyen.

Cross Country

Fall Season

Boys & Girls Basketball

Winter Season

Track & Field

Spring Season

Ultimate Frisbee

Coming in 2018-19

Tuition Information

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