COVID-19 Policies

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COVID-19 Policies

Last Updated: 7/20/20

Arbor Montessori School is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our community.

Arbor’s COVID-19 policies will be published very soon. Know we will be updating it in real time as new information becomes available. Remember that together, we can turn even the most daunting challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic into its most amazing revelations of character, innovation, and hope.

Learning from Home Handbook

Thank you to the faculty and staff who worked tirelessly to help put this together. We hope that you will take the time to read the introduction and the sections that are pertinent to you based upon the age(s) of your child(ren), in the event that Arbor moves to community-wide distance learning in the future.

Download the Learning from Home Handbook


Prepared Environments at Home

For our younger students, the learning environment is your home and surroundings. This means finding ways to support independence, engage in meaningful tasks and supplement learning through various activities suggested by teachers. Upper Elementary and Adolescent Program students will need all of the above, and should establish a quiet space for any specific assignments shared by teachers.

For our older students, it will be important for them to maintain their routine of handing in work and receiving feedback from their teachers. Overall, we can approach this as an opportunity to be creative and collaborative—we are here to support you through this process. To the right is a gallery of photos from our community of how they’re preparing learning environments for their children.


Supporting Arbor Businesses

Below is a list of small businesses run by parents in our community. We hope that you will support these businesses during our time apart. If you are an Arbor parent and small business owner, please let us know ways in which we can support you. This list will be updated daily. Many national charities and organizations are also helping those affected by the pandemic. Here is what you can do to support them.


Arbor Small Businesses


Click on the names below for details on supporting each business.

El Ponce Mexican Restaurant
  1. Order delivery, takeout, and curbside pick up directly. A portion of proceeds from the purchase of our oven-ready meals will go straight to an employee fund.
  2. Buy gift certificates and pre-order merchandise to fund our employee accounts. All proceeds will be used to pay staff, and tees & candles will be made and shipped post pandemic. Gift certificates are available now, but can be picked up at the restaurant post pandemic as well.
  3. Call & write elected officials: there is a major bailout for airlines and hotels that leaves the food service industry out to dry..
Miller Union

Miller Union is serving to-go food for curbside pickup. Check our facebook page daily for a menu.

Quadrant Fitness

Sign up for our remote class membership to continue your workouts at home.

Pranic Soul Yoga

Now offering two virtual group yoga sessions every week! See our website for details. Additionally, Arbor families are welcome to use the following discount codes for classes.

  • 3/25/2020 Kundalini Yoga 10 % off discount code: ZYATGLPW
  • 3/28/2020 Pranic Soul Blend 10% off discount code: FMCSNRX3
  • 4/1/2020 Kundalini Yoga 10% off discount code: Q95XWVTV
One on One Physical Therapy

We are open, serving those that need PT to continue to care for their families and maintain their independence and reduce painful conditions. We are following all CDC guidelines as we operate. We are also offering Telehealth PT sessions and Virtual Pilates Sessions. Call (770)-500-3848, send inquires to, or visit our website.

Center for Puppetry Arts


Visit our website for free streaming workshops, tours, and puppet shows.

Mana Accounting Services

Mana Accounting Services can remotely prepare and file your personal and business tax return. Our rates are affordable. Our mission is to guarantee a high degree of professionalism, commitment and knowledge.

Carrie Sims Artistry

Available for painting commissions. Carrie is a freelance artist, and has done many pet portrait commissions and Montessori style learning materials, in addition to watercolor, paper mache, and other types of art. You can view some of them on her website.


Talking with Your Children

As we get started on this new daily routine of social distancing, here are some resources for guiding your children through these unprecedented times.