Samantha Vejay
Head of School

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

Education: BA Business and Non-Profit Management, M. Ed with an emphasis in Montessori Education, Primary AMI Diploma, Elementary AMI Diploma

How did you learn about Montessori?
My mom is a Primary Montessori teacher. She runs a school in Greenville, South Carolina, and many (many) years ago I was the infant in her classroom. I was the reason the school started a toddler program, I continued through Primary, and when the time came, I was the spark for starting the Montessori elementary program. I cannot recall the exact moment that I learned about Montessori because it feels like it has always just been a part of me and my life.

I came back to Montessori after graduating with my bachelors degree. I took my Primary training at the Washington Montessori Institute and fell in love with Montessori all over again! After teaching for a number of years in Primary I made the decision to pursue my Montessori Elementary certification. Wow! It seemed to unlock the entire world. At this point, I have taught Primary for 8 years, Lower Elementary for 3 years, and Upper Elementary for 5 years.

What’s been your favorite trip?
Backpacking through Peru and exploring Machu Pichu

What’s your favorite destination?
R Thomas at all hours of the day! I love those birds!!

Do you have any pets?
A snake named Sarah Mildred, and my beloved miniature poodle named Shakespeare