Primary Program

Freedom and Discipline in the Montessori Classroom

by Cecilia Fernandez, Primary Teacher Freedom and discipline go hand in hand. This statement might seem counterintuitive and even contradictory at first glance. However, we know that if a child is to develop true internal discipline, having the liberty to practice... Read More

Independence in the Young Child

by Mamatha Chiruvella, Toddler Teacher “The child’s conquest of independence begins with his first introduction to life. While he is developing, he prefects himself and overcomes every obstacle that he finds in his path.” – Dr. Maria Montessori Independence and... Read More

Reflections on Gratitude and Giving

By Cecilia Fernandez, Primary Teacher This time of year inspires many of us to reflect on how fortunate we are, on all of the things for which we are grateful.  As parents, we strive to teach our children a model of generosity and empathy.  However, this can be a... Read More

Montessori: Education for Peace

by Cecilia Fernandez, Primary Teacher “If we are to teach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with the children.” -Mahatma Gandhi Have you ever wondered why Montessori is sometimes referred to as “Education for Peace”?  Surely it is not... Read More