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Annual Fund

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  • Who benefits from the Annual Fund ?
    In short, everyone at Arbor is positively impacted by the Annual Fund!
  • What is the Annual Fund?
    As a non-profit school, Arbor must develop and maintain a robust giving campaign to support programs beyond tuition and bridge the gap between tuition dollars and the annual operating budget. Arbor’s Annual Fund was established in 1996 to serve the broader school community as a funding source to ensure that Arbor maintains an authentic Montessori environment that allows your child to thrive.
  • Why should I give?
    Last year, 87% of Arbor’s families, teachers, and staff made donations to the Annual Fund, which is on par with the highest giving levels among Atlanta private schools. This year our goal is 100%. By participating in the Annual Fund, you will help to ensure that your child is building a love of learning inside a dynamic, diverse, vibrant, and supportive community.
  • Where does my money go?
    The three critical programs the Annual Fund supports are: (1) Providing tuition assistance for current students’ families facing financial hardships; (2) Supporting continuing teacher education programs for Arbor’s staff; and (3) Enhancing the classroom and community experience for our children, such as investing in Athletic Booster Club, a new school bus, and the activity field.
  • How does this affect my child?
    Your child will be with highly trained and dedicated Montessori teachers. Your child will be immersed in a rich and vibrant school community. Your child will benefit from added resources and activities created by the Fund.

Giving Levels

Arbor accepts on line donations to the Annual Fund. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Leadership Circle

  • $ 5000 and above

Phoenix Society

  • $ 1,000 – $4,999

Friends of Arbor

  • $1 – $999

Capital Campaign

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The school has reached a critical point in our history where there is a need for improved physical space for our Toddler and Primary classrooms to ensure the programs’ continued quality and, ultimately, the sustainability of our entire school.

We rely on our Toddler and Primary students to feed our Elementary and Adolescent programs.  Unlike other Atlanta Montessori Elementary programs, our Elementary programs are full so the students can experience the benefits of a large, mixed-age classroom and flourish at every level. We need to ensure that this remains true for the future.

By purchasing the building on Scott Boulevard, we have taken the first step towards creating a purpose-built incubator for our school. The difference in control that we will have by owning and not renting is immeasurable. Arbor can plan more effectively, react more quickly and overall be more responsive to the needs of our families and staff when we have the power to decide issues such as maintenance, renovations, security, parking, gardens and playgrounds.

A critical piece of brand strength is consistency of offerings and experience. Prospective parents will experience the beauty of a custom-made “prepared environment” where everything in the classroom is designed and laid out for the specific developmental needs of the children. When the Scott Blvd. building is complete, there will be a seamless experience for prospective parents who visit both that campus and the LaVista campus.

Arbor Montessori has an excellent reputation for academic excellence. Our graduates thrive at Atlanta’s top private schools and public schools and flourish at colleges and universities’ nationwide. By investing in Arbor’s Capital Campaign, donors are investing in that reputation and in the future of the school.

This campaign will challenge the school community to envision what could be, both now and in the future, while always keeping an overriding focus on enhancing the education of the children of Arbor.

The success of this campaign impacts all of the children and families at Arbor.

Giving Levels

Arbor accepts on line donations to the Capital Campaign. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.


  • $ 20,000 and above


  • $ 15,000

Family Bench

  • $5,000

Garden Markers

  • $1,500

Recognition Art Piece

  • $500