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Is Montessori Right for Your Child?

Like many parents who are investigating preschools for their children, you may be overwhelmed by the different offerings.  We are so happy that you are considering a Montessori education, however, we also know that Montessori cannot be explained in a sound bite or paragraph.  That is why we have created an e-book, Is Montessori Right for Your Child?, which explains in simple terms the Montessori educational philosophy as well as describing the classrooms, curriculum and more.  As always, if you have additional questions, please contact Liticia Weissinger, Admissions Liaison.
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2018-2019 School Year Tuition

Toddler Program (half-day)$10,650
Toddler Program (full-day)$13,175
Half Day Primary$10,100
Full Day Primary$13,175
All Day Primary$16,900
Lower Elementary$13,700
Fourth/Fifth Year Upper Elementary$14,125
Sixth Year Upper Elementary$14,450
Adolescent Program$19,450

Tuition plans and payments are made in partnership with SMART Tuition Management Corp.

2018-2019 Enrichment Tuition

Contract – 3pm to 6pmMonthlyYearly
5 days$315$2835
4 days$290$2610
3 days$250$2250
2 days$195$1755
1 day$100$900
Drop-In (24 hr notice)$25
Emergency (same day)$30
Late pick-up (for 6pm pick-up)$5/minute
Contract – 3pm to 3:30pmMonthlyYearly
5 days$95$855
4 days$90$810
3 days$80$720
2 days$60$540
1 day$30$270
Drop-In (24 hr notice)$5
Emergency (same day)$10
Late pick-up (for 6pm pick-up)$5/minute

2018-2019 Early Care and Bus Fees

 Lavista CampusScott Campus
Contract Early Care$100/month, $900/year $80/month, $720/year
Drop-In$10/day (Lavista)$8/day
Bus$90/month, $810/year$90/month, $810/year
Bus Drop-In$10/day$10/day

Payments will be added to SMART Tuition for contracts and billed monthly for drop-ins.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to current families and transfers to the elementary and adolescent levels. Financial aid is not available to first-time applicants at the primary level. Please call the office, (404) 321-9304, if you wish to apply. The application for financial aid is due February 20. Learn more